OPEN 11-00AM TO 10-00PM
ALL DAYS @ Shirur Park Branch

Chicken Grill

  • Rs. 90/-
    Tummy Chicken Grill

    Tummy Chikken Grill

  • Rs. 70/-
    Russian Chicken Grill

    Russian Chikken Grill

  • Rs. 60/-
    Russian Chicken Sandwich

    Russian Chikken Sandwich

  • Rs. 70/-
    Hot Garlic Chicken Grill

    Hot Garlic Chicken Grill

  • Rs. 70/-
    Chicken Tikka Mayonnaise/ Cheese Grill

    Chikken Tikka Mayonnaise/ Cheese Grill

  • Rs. 60/-
    Chicken Tikka Grill

    Chikken Tikka Grill

  • Quality is Our Receipe

    We always deliver on our promise. Our thought is real quality taste starts with real quality ingredients, at Taste Budds those words affect everything we do.
  • Vision

    To provide a unique experience to customer by serving varieties of yummy taste under one roof with the best Quality ingredients & the top class service

    1)Unique and proven business model. Very low investment
    2)Less manpower and also less hurdles
    3) Taste Budds is a successful affordable and offers an easy operation business